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Photo Shoot of Continuum Refresh Series-Psalm 23

In April 2021 I had just completed, at the time, what I thought would be my last painted series, or any painted art work. So I wanted to have photos of the Series, before any pieces sold--All but one of the pieces were with my during this photo event.

It was a last minute plan while delivering some of my art to Columbia. I learned about Tom Carson though Snapper, and it just so happened that the timing was perfect for him to photograph for an hour before heading to Charleston, SC.

I stayed at a quaint Airbnb with heartwoodfurnishedhomes

I appreciate that Wendy welcomed my art in her airbnb. I set everything up the night before, making sure to use only the nails already in the walls. It worked out great!

Thanks to Wendy for offering such a lovely space to photograph my work.

Photos by Tom Carson Photography

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