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Growing up sketching at the foot of The Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado, Crystal now paints scenes from coastal influences, and her many travels.  She has been inspired to bring the boundless beauty of her work into our protective human enclosures, our homes, our work spaces, our walls, and now, on canvas. It was eight years ago she added canvas art works to her repertoire.

Now residing and creating in Greensboro, NC.

Crystal says, 'I have been educated, trained and certified to do specialty finishes.  But the real learning takes place on every project.  My canvas artworks, on the other hand, are self-taught.  While the influence of my training in finishes is evident in my artwork, it is also unique.'

She focuses on color, blending, and developing impressions of images of things that inspire her.  The beauty of sunrises and sunsets are often represented in her work.  "I have been trained to do finishes that are current while adding my signature style, so I look at canvas artworks the same way. 

Crystal's art work resides in homes and commercial spaces in North Carolina, South Carolina,, Virginia, , West Virginia, Florida, Colorado and beyond. 

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