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Crystal has been formulating color, concepts, processes, texture and patterns in designed spaces and surfaces for over 20 years.  She added canvas art works to her repertoire eight years ago.

She focuses on color, blending and developing impressions of inspiration.

"I think challenge, inspiration and light coincides with almost every art work I create.  Since I started my canvas art while living in Charleston, SC, I often use a color palette of sunrises, sunsets and soothing coastal waters.

As a finisher artist I love to feel the paint and the colors during the process to create.  I work with several different mediums, metallic pastes, plasters, paints,  acrylic, oil, and with almost every piece I use gold, silver or copper metal leaf, which gives a natural element of light, and edge. "

Crystal continues her education in wall finishes to stay current with design trends. colors and styles.  This adds another dimension of interest to her works and panel art finishing.

Crystal created at Sternberger Artist Center for three years, and recently moved to her studio to her home in Stokesdale, and creates part-time at the Studio House in Summerfield, NC.  Her art resides in many homes in the southeast, and currently shows work in Greensboro NC, Cary NC, Columbia SC. Richmond, VA and Charleston.

'How do I describe the Paint to Canvas love affair that started in Charleston SC a few years back?  Do I start by describing the wonderment of the sunrise and sunset off the coastal waters?  Or the way the marsh soothes every color of green and grey that exists?  How do I describe the energy of the humid warm nights while the breathtaking beauty seems to dance on the pier?

I express it best when my paint meets the canvas.'


 2020 Crystal Eadie Miller  The Studio House - Summerfield, NC