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Shades of Time Series

My Art Love Letter

I have been painting long enough to know that inspiration is like a gift. Everyday that I am inspired, I am thankful, but often times the inspiration is hidden, revealed only when I choose to seek it. I seek it in every painting--


Shades of Time is a special collection to me, because it was the love letter of art that I thought I had lost, and it was found again.


'Shades of Time has helped bring me back to that place- -that place where we first met and fell in love.

-that place where we danced.

-that place where we spent hours together in bliss--and frustration.

-that place where there was a reason to bring my color palette into existence.

This series represents a challenge all my own. no rules. no specific person. place or business to paint for.

A challenge- just me and my art, creating in my lil' Sternberger Studio near Downtown Greensboro, NC.

The more I painted, the more I saw each piece resonate with a feeling of withstanding the test of time, looking worn and imperfect, like a faded love letter.

These paintings are like my love letters of art.


The art that brought me back to this place--

-where we first met and fell in love.

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