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March 22 2020:

The inspiration was numb; like it was asleep. I had struggled with inspiration before, but this was different. I picked 2 36 x 36 canvases, bought them on sale, and loaded them in my car, like I have done so many times before; but this time, it was different.


The drive to the studio was silent, along with my thoughts; no music or news on in the background, just the bewilderment of everything going on.


As I removed the plastic and got out the silver, paynes grey, gold and black, I started to paint the base, I just started to go through the motions, doing what I have done so many times before; but this time, it was different--the numbness wouldn't go away,


I started to paint because I must! I must record the timeline March-April 2020.


The Impact Series was started on March 22, 2020, and completed on April 3, 2020.

This series speaks boldly in deep blues and blacks--all against the light. I have never used black as a base in my work, but I had to. I did not know how I was going to pull it all together, but there had to be black, dark black, against black. And most specifically the first one I painted which originally was titled Impact, now titled 'Rebuild the Light' 36 x 36 the blacks, darks, are separate from the light, as not to infect the light. These paintings represent darkness against hope, and joining together, apart, for healing, for answers. The hope is much bigger than the darkness, and the overall view of this Series 'Impact' is enlightening and inspiring.

I was once told by a gallery owner not to date my paintings. If it is an 'older' painting that hasn't sold it seems less desirable.

On these works the date is pivotal to the whole collection. They were created during a time, an unfortunate time of a century.

May we all seek refuge during this time.

With family,

loved ones, and cherish the quality time with them.

And may we pray

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