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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

After taking a much needed break from art, I have started to paint again! I took a break for many reasons. The main reason being, to spend more time at home, with family and doing home things. It has been good, but lately I found that I was getting easily agitated, and down right grumpy at times. So I started to set up studio space in a room downstairs. Lugging lots my paints brushes, materials, etc. I bought a few new canvas's and started with a some littles--And do you know, I wasn't so grumpy anymore. I started to feel like I was in my flow again.

I truly believe that those that are called to create, it's therapy when they do. As much as I wish I had a more productive career, it somehow would never be as satisfying as filling the void to create. It's the closest thing to being in love--where the grass is greener, the sunrise is lovelier, and everything seems to taste sweeter and better than 'real life'.

It's Like that memorable moment, simple, yet one you can just settle in for a lifetime.

Creating is work, It's discipline, it's focus, and one of the most rewarding pleasures.

Take a look behind the scenes and new works.

New Little's Rekindle Series!

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