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Projects and Finishes

After being in the decorative finishing industry for over 20 years, I have seen a few changes.  When I started several years ago.  Decorative finishing was all around, and everybody wanted a finish in their home.  Today, finishes have become much more simplistic while at the same time developed into a more sophisticated purpose and presence.  Here are just a few photos of some of my projects, some recent, and some from several years ago.  

finish 101.jpg
finish mj 4_edited.jpg
finish 22.jpg
finish 31_edited.png
finish glaze 3.jpg
finish 40.jpg
wallpaper ladder.JPG
kiawah bath.png
finish 42.jpg
bathroom colo 2.jpg
ff driftwood.jpg #driftwood
rustic wall finish dining room
Kiawah venetian plaster walls
showhouse closet wall finish
venetian plaster living room
painted bathroom vanity
painted faux marble baseboard
kitchen .jpg
faux black marble fireplace mantle
finish 14.jpg
faux silk showhouse up and downstair entry
finish stair distressed after
emily 10.jpg
wall paper watercolor finish
faux wood grain boix wall finish
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