Crystal has  been trained in decorative finishing, and has had her business NEWLook Finishes for over 19 years.  Although she has been educated and certified in specialty finishes, 'I continue to grow and expand my horizon on every project,' she says, 'Perhaps that has helped give me a sense of art adventure.'

 The influence of her training in decorative painting and faux finishing is evident in her art work offering a unique look to her pieces. 

She focuses on color, blending, gilding metal leaf along with metallic undertones, while creating impressions of images of things that truly inspire her!

'Once in awhile I will work off a photo.  What translates on canvas often does not look much at all like the photo, However it's the nature blend, elements of color, and the visual 'mood' of the photo that ends up on the canvas.

Nature is so complex--and perfectly simple. 

The 'Simplicity'; that is what I understand, and can interpret freely.'

The beauty of the sunrises and sunsets are often represented in her work.

' I love to create finishes that are timeless,  and I look at my canvas art in a similar way.

Whether bringing ambiance in touches of shimmer, or rustic charm of yesteryear into a favorite space, Or creating in her studio on canvas art and design panels, she feels fortunate to do what she loves every day!


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