Rhyme Eclipse and Pattern

Pattern Elements take me back to my roots of art.  When I did finishes I often worked with pattern.  So to me, it helps me relax and have some type of organization with my art.  Often times when I feel overworked with canvas art and all the color I will work on pattern elements.  The Rhyme Eclipse Series is one of my favorites because it 'marries' my finishing and canvas art together.  The shimmer stone gives a distinguished and authentic look, while the circle elements have a palette of blending color, from vibrant to calming, 

all encased in gold accents.

In the Rhyme Eclipse Series, I applied two layers of shimmer stone from Italy to frame the circles, often used for high end troweled wall finishes,

The Rhyme Eclipse Series has 14 pieces in all.  Six of the pieces were painted to go together and are sold as a set of 6 at

Vivid Interiors in Greensboro, NC

dp 2.jpg

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