Studio Spaces

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I would love to say my art studio is the most beautiful space, but in reality, most of the time it is a messy mess, with paint, materials, canvas's clippings of inspiration photos, paint chips, swathes, color charts, tools, styrofoam plates, and broken metal leaf all around. A smaller space wont stop me from creating. In fact, in my lil sunshine studio at Sternberger, I would have only inches to walk around each piece as I worked them. With wall to wall canvas's I would leave to dry and stack until the next layer.

I have moved to my home studio, and I am taking a much needed break from 'full-time' creating. Evaluating my priorities. I have put so much energy and time into my work the last few years.

Now that I am setting up in the spare bedroom, I will be able to focus more on family and home.

I have gathered a few photos of Art Studio spaces I have worked in staring in Charleston, SC, where my canvas art began.

This was my studio space (all clean and staged) in Charleston, SC. It was in my home upstairs, and I loved that space, we even added a bathroom. This is where my canvas art blossomed. It was a good time to sell art as an emerging artist in Charleston, SC.

When we moved to Greensboro, NC in 2016, we found this historical cottage in Summerfield, which became the Studio House. It was to be my studio! I soon realized that it would take time to establish my art in a new market, and decided to try renting it part-time on Airbnb. It was the perfect solution, as I was able to sustain the studio house while building my business, and paint there part-time.

Soon the studio house was getting more bookings, which gave me less time to create, and as you can see, I made such a mess that had to be cleaned up before each guest.

It was about that time I got a call from Sternberger Artist Center, and they told me a studio was available. I was elated, after being on a wait list for almost 2 years, I was given the opportunity to create at Sternberger. It was a small space, but I loved it and called it my lil sunshine studio.

I remember the first thing I did was paint a pattern on the rug remnant.

After almost 2 years, a larger space opened up at Sternberger, I called the Majestic Room, once the dining room, converted to a large open studio with high ceilings and ambiance, well lit, and inviting.

I have to say, it was a bit intimidating at first, but it didn't take me long to settle in. I started with a few works on paper. I was actually afraid I was going to lose my 'creative powers' when moving to a new space, since I had just finished the 'Shades of Time' Collection Series, my first ever series(other than 10 x 10 littles) in the smaller studio. This Collection I refer to as my Art Love Letter--where I found my 'first love' in art once again, the love I thought I had lost.

The Majestic Dining Room Studio had a small room in back. I first started using it for storage, but then set it up as my sitting, quiet room away from the hustle and bustle of creating. It was in that room I read, worked on the computer, dreamed, prayed, and just had some down time before starting my art process.

I created in this Studio for a year.

I painted several works on paper in gilded gold frames I prepared for an Exhibit, Preserve-an authentic mix of finishes and canvas art. Cherished works complimented with revived pre-owned furniture pieces. It was a large wonderful space, even for furniture pieces! I knew this was a little different, and wasn't sure how it would be perceived, but it was so much fun for me!

It was my focus for about a month.

We set everything up the middle of March, I went back to take everything down 7 days later.

The most memorably defined pieces were during March/April 2020 when I created

The 'Impact Collection Series'

Here is my new studio room at home in Stokesdale, NC. I chose this room because it is the brightest room in the house, plus, it was the only spare room we have.

It is now an empty canvas. Looking forward to setting up shop, and artful adventures ahead!


 2020 Crystal Eadie Miller  The Studio House - Summerfield, NC