New Collection Series in the Works

'Continuum Refresh'

This Series brings together several of the art elements I have worked on in the past 8 years. Having common factors embracing the color theme, while hitting the Refresh button with an abundance of life and light-- reflection and beauty. Although I look inward, with each piece created intuitively, it is the outward surroundings that keep pulling me back to the canvas.

Awhile back, I created a love letter of art.

In creating this series it is more the reflection of all the places I have been in the studio surround.

At times weary from my travels-- after all these years of creating, I am still surprised and deeply humbled by the pieces created before me. It's the journey--Yes, but most of all it's the destination of each completed piece that energizes me!

--And their journey, Home.

So far I have completed Six works, two more are almost done, needing a few details to pull everything together, and two just have the base and first layer ready. The final two are 30 x 40's. They shine bright, and are proud of their beginnings. I want to be up to the task to take the journey. I want these to express light, peace and comfort. We are all seeking peace, as our world has been turned upside down, and we are witnessing first hand the uncertainty.

So with this, I share some behind the scenes of the series,

Continuum Refresh

Please join me as I celebrate and exhibit this New Series February 13 & 14, 11-4 at

The Studio House in Summerfield, NC 4110 Oak Ridge Rd.

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