My Website, Then and Now.

Back in the day, it was big news to announce a website, but today almost every small business has a web presence. I had my first website in 2002. With only a few wall sample finishes, I was determined to make my site shine! I could not do this on my own and hired a friend and sent info and 20 polaroid photos through the mail He uploaded each photo in high resolution. Not knowing all that was involved and the time to do this, and no usual and standard fee, I was a bit surprised when I got the bill for over 1000.00 dollars!

I found a few examples of my first website from 2002 on Very interesting to visit some of the pages from my old site. Check out the appaloosas on my first creative endeavor finish on my bedroom walls! I had a throw with a similar design and appaloosas all over and I loved it so much I wanted to paint it!

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I really liked my website and kept if for a few years, but as my business grew, I wanted the option to add photos in a simple format and through a referral from another finisher, was able to find someone to build my website from scratch at a reasonable fee to work within my budget plan. She was most amazing! She did what she quoted in a timely manner, and worked with me to get all the information to her to upload on the site. She had me up and running within two weeks!

I stayed with her company, for several years, from 2004-2018. I was able to load photos on my own, and her company hosted the site. At that time it was not important to me to be on any search engines, as I used it only for portfolio purposes, when I was a decorative painter, faux finisher.

As my canvas painting started to evolve, I wanted to have a stronger web presence with my original art and art prints. I decided to look into other options, as my web designer did not provide that service. I hired another friend(not always advisable) It became a frustrating experience investing time and money--after four months, seeing nothing return. We talked about ideas, and SEO optimization, and showed me examples of what my site was going to look like, but I never got to see my custom website. After four months, I decided I needed to find other options.

I did not know what I was going to do, as I was afraid to hire anyone, and be out more time and money. It's like hiring an interpreter of a language you don't understand, to interpret for you. You really have to trust the interpreter/web designer to get your message across in a timely manner, with a full understanding of the investment involved. I didn't know anyone else to turn to at this point, I decided I needed to build it myself--even if it took me months. I tried to build on Wordpress, which was recommended to me but did not do well with that. Then, after talking with someone about selling on Facebook, he mentioned Wix.

That was in 2015, shortly after we moved from Charleston, SC to Greensboro. With one step at a time, and A Lot of tutorial video's, I got my first 'diy' website up and running.

I have to say, I am proud of this accomplishment, as I an artist, and NOT a social media, computer person at all. I have many more learning curves to go through, but I have enjoyed the journey, and have taken the time to learn a few things on the way!

I just Updated my website template on wix last week. It's a different layout. The photos of my art show well. I really wanted more of a 'Gallery' look, and art portfolio w e commerce

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