Logo Lingo The Importance of a good logo.

Updated: Jul 6

A logo. A representation of you, your brand. It may sound easy, but anyone who has tried to design their own logo, will find it quite a challenge.

Here's a few characteristics of a great logo according to 'Paperstreet web marketing'

-Simple-Simple logos are the ones people can recognize as soon as they see them. The simplest logos are the one's people remember the most.

-Scalable-A great logo should be able to be scaled up or down and still look good and recognizable

-Memorable/ Impactful A great logo should be impactful

-Versatile-Should look equally good on the web or printed

-Relevant-Should be relevant to your business. It has to have meaning that relates to the work you are doing.

When I lived in Charleston, I hired a professional photographer Patrick Brickman who I met through a designer, to take a few art photo shoots--as luck would have it, he designed logos as well. I knew I needed help with this, first for graphics and the know how to put everything together, but most importantly, I needed help in building a custom trademark that represented my art.

We met and I shared with him a few basic ideas, and a napkin that I had saved with a design layout that I liked.

Since I am an artist, I wanted my signature--but not the whole name, just Crystal, to keep it friendly and informal. Much of my work is inspired by reflection so I use metallic, and gold leaf. So we talked about capturing that on my logo. Patrick asked for a few samples of leaf to play with while working at putting together a custom logo.

Here are a few photos, from my ideas to the final custom logo design.

This was the idea I liked, the element at an angle with the name going through at a different angle.

These were some rough sketches of what I was thinking. As you can see I was wanting to add my initials, but decided not to, so I could keep it simple.

I wanted to incorporate broken leaf, since I use the look of broken edges to shadow and add depth in my paintings, so Patrick broke the leaf and diamond shape on one of the angles, which I loved, because it was significant in my art style being impressionistic and not perfect, I did not want a 'perfect' gold square or diamond.

Once I decided on the design, he asked me to sign my name several times for the best first name signature for my logo. One would think signing your name is easy, I mean, after all, there is nothing I have written more times over and over than my name, but it took me many, many tries to get the one I wanted. This logo will be with me as long as my art is. It is something I love, and something that represents my art so wonderfully!

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