How it all started.

Decorative Painting, Faux Finishing. This is where my creativity blossomed almost 23 years ago

Back in the 90's we couldn't get enough of faux finishes. There were some homes I worked on that had a faux finish in every room, even the closets. These were not subtle finishes, they were bold 'look at me' finishes spec'd by interior designers. I saved up my money and took out a loan from my car to pay for my first class. At the time these classes were an investment of time, travel, and often the five day class was 1500 or more. It was consuming. I could not get enough of it. I practiced on my walls, worked sample after sample to come up with the most beautiful and unique portfolio. I would dream about finishing in my sleep, and when I booked my first real project, I was absolutely terrified! With each project I became better, and more experienced. I worked along side experienced artisans on different finishes and rooms. It was a way of life for me for many years. The luster, and inquisitive beauty of decorative finishing took me on an incredible journey.

I traveled to Charlotte, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Florida to learn in a class setting and hands on training.

Although I don't do large finishing projects like I used to, I am still commissioned to do smaller spaces built in furniture, architectural, detailed elements and touch up. I wanted to share with you a little of my background.

Here are just a few of my favorite projects.

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