To B or not to B. A few Blog Post prompts for Inspiration

Updated: Jun 29

Blush and Gold by Domain Interiors photo by Patrick Brickman

Featuring Media Dance Prints 1 and 2 in gold frame

Blogging is like extra credit on a website. When I was getting everything ready for my new website, I dreamed of having a blog. Something that I could write of anything that inspires. It's a great way to communicate with thoughts, ideas, experiences and photos of interest and inspiration.

So here are a few prompts for inspirational posts taken from an elective through

The Studio Source Course I took.

-Share a dream trip you wish to take one day

-Share a favorite Interior Designer

-Five unexpected things about the artist

-How does travel influence your work

-Favorite Art Blogs

-Favorite Podcasts

-Local Community Art Happenings

-DIY Art Project

-Interview a favorite artist you admire

- How to frame your favorite art work

-Design a dream room inspired by artwork.

These are just a few from the 52 Inspirational Prompts, some of which I will be posting about.

Signing a print in gold, with artist touches on Reprise


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