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Heading to Santa Fe, NM Art Fusion

A few samplings from classes at the Art Fusion Event in Santa Fe New Mexico.

Zen Painting The Spirit of the Brush by Gabriela Sanchez. I was surprised by how calming this painting was, and found the simplicity fascinating! Inspired by Japanese wash using Chinese ink as a base and incorporating water color to create abstract with ornamental aesthetic.

The technique stands out for it's simplicity and expressive power.

In the Paint with Fire Encaustic Painting class, it was my very first experience in working with encaustic with fire. I learned about building layers, textures, and adding different elements of color. The aroma was calming along with the creative flow. We had 4 different pieces to create. I embedded some of my brush paintings which I did in the Spirit of the Brush class. I would love to dive deeper into encaustic, and hope to venture into that creative venue when I have the space to set up in my studio.

Nova Color instructors were wonderful. It was a treat to learn from some of the Masters in the Industry, Andy Robinson from Stucco and Stucco, taught this two day class, which left me wanting more. The products are fantastic and seem user friendly. It made me want to do more wall surface commissions. I will be adding a few design panels to my portfolio!

I like to keep updated with classes on faux finishing and art styles, offering more to my portfolio venue. These classes challenge, encourage inspiration, and welcome curiosity to continue to grow my art expression.

Art Fusion

April 1-4 2019

Some of the 'hands on' classes I will be attending will open the doors to new finishes and panel art; With luscious rich styling pattern, and design in a variety of materials and applications, including a new liquid gold that I fell in love with when I saw it!

Taught by Andy Robinson of Great Britain 'Masterclass in Surface Design, and

Gabriela Sanchez's class on 'Encaustic Painting with Fire', and 'Zen Painting-The Spirit of the Brush'

These classes speak a language I can understand which stems from my roots of art in Faux finishing, and yet, I will be diving into a whole new language in encaustic.

To me, this will be so much more than a class, it will be an experience!--

I am looking forward to sharing that experience with you! I will be back to this 'Happenings' blog and post photos when I return!

I saw this at IDAL Artisan Convention in October and this got me hooked to learn more, I can't wait to post some 'hands on' samples!

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