• Crystal Eadie Miller

A NEWYear!

As an artist, I do a bit of evaluating and reminiscing during the start of a new year. It is all so exciting, the opportunity for an artist in todays world; I must admit, though, it is a bit overwhelming as well.

So, I ask myself, "What have I really enjoyed most about creating?" I tend not to navigate too much into overthinking, but I just start looking to things that inspire me.

These littles have been waiting a long time to be painted, as I have carted them from space to space, not knowing what I really wanted to do. I wanted some strong gold elements, and I wanted certain features to 'pop', and other areas to fade away.

The colors were captured from torn magazine pages, in similar hues and blends so they could hang in a venue together, or sets of two, three, or more.

I know I had 12 but I must have lost a wooden panel while carting them back and forth, so there are 11 in all.

I introduce to you my new series for the NEWYear! 2019

Celebrate Art, every day! with splashes of color and touches of gold!

'Deep Sea Dive' Series Reminiscent of under sea water colors in mist and shimmery gold.

Available for sale in February!

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