• Crystal Eadie Miller

Looking back- July- August 2014 Art Showing on King Street in Charleston, SC.

At The Real Estate Studio.

With every Art Show, I learn something. Having an art show in Charleston in July- August perhaps was not the best time of year-in fact it's the most dreadly-ist hottest time of the year.

The opening was incredibly lovely as I hired a talented piano player to play during the event. A handful of friends and a few walk-ins were there to enjoy wine, hors d'oeuvre's, music and art.

It was very hot--People would enter in this 'rustic like' venue, not so much to see the art, but to enjoy the air conditioning, get a bottle of water, and sit down and recover from the incredible heat.

I enjoyed this evening so much! It was one of my first shows, and was like my very own event, listening to classical music, in honor of...well...me! my art!!

It was like a dream come true! Sure, in my dream I envisioned many people there, lining up to talk to me, and buying my art-but, in reality, it was still one of the most exciting events I ever attended.

It was the last event I had in Charleston, as I was moving to Greensboro during this time.

When I returned in August to take the pieces down at the end of the showing the air conditioning wasn't working, so it was a very, very hot. With my husband, and a friends help we were able to take everything down and load up quickly.

Artists will often do whatever they can to get their art out there, to be seen, by people. It's almost like the art takes on a different life on it's own when in a different venue, rather than sitting in the studio staked up against all the other art pieces, waiting for their opportunity 'to shine'

So as I reflect, I am so thankful that a vision CAN become a reality.

I want to have a delightful vision again, where I can paint like 'nobody's business' and dream way beyond about the next place where my art will reside

--whether for a season....a lifetime....or beyond!

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